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Final Proof Editing & Publishing Services

Recommended Academic Edit Process:

1. Before you send a file to me, the content should be vetted by your supervisor, which will reduce the amount of editing time required by me.

2. I keep my client list small so I can provide timely turnarounds for learners (i.e., 3 to 4 days).

3. I work with track changes and insert comments to explain the rationale for any significant change (usually with a page # referenced from your APA Publication Manual or your university’s publication guidelines).

4. When appropriate, I will also include a URL to an active blog maintained by APA.org. More information can be found by visiting my APA information site.

5. When I complete the edits of a file(s), I will return it/them to you and ask that you keep track changes active as you go through to decide whether to accept/reject/revise my edit suggestions or address my comments. When the file is returned to me, I will only have to focus on your most current changes. (A phone call between us is helpful once you receive my first edits.)

6. Once all chapters have been edited by me and you have finalized them, you will return the finalized chapter(s) to me. I will then merge all chapter files and do a final double-check of citations/references, as sometimes works are added or deleted during edit exchanges. I will also check all pagination, especially around any tables and figures, before finalizing the Table of Contents and Lists of Tables and Figures.

7. I strongly recommend the final draft report be completed a month before it has to be submitted to the review committee. This will give your supervisor and sponsor quality time to review (& sometimes suggest revisions) before the final submission.

8. Please visit my Rates page.

I look forward to talking with you about the editing and/or publishing support you require.

You can contact me at karen@finalproof.ca or call me at 250-339-3393