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Final Proof Editing & Publishing Services


All fees are charged in Canadian currency. Editing services are charged out at a rate of $60/hour for academic papers and $80/hour for corporate documents plus taxes applicable in your province.

A deposit is required to retain editing services. This deposit appears as a credit on your first invoice. For theses, dissertations, and most business reports or books, the deposit amount is $400. For smaller reports that are less than 100 pages in length, the deposit amount is $200.

Reminder: Edits of your project will not commence until the deposit is received.

PayPal and email money transfer payments are accepted. Final Proof Editing & Publishing Services is required to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on all services provided to clients residing in Canada. Taxes are applied based on the province in which the client resides. No taxes apply to clients working for a First Nations organization.

The amount of time it will take to complete the edits of a report, thesis, or dissertation depends on the amount of support a learner requires. After more than 25 years of academic editing, I know that my completion rate can vary from 6 pages/hour (a client who requires extensive support) to about 12 to 13 pages/hour (a client who has a good grasp of their organization’s publication requirements and is familiar with Word functions). We would know more about how long the edits could take once I review/edit the first chapter(s) or paper.

For more information please see the Terms & Conditions Page or contact Karen at karen@finalproof.ca or 250-339-3393

I look forward to talking with you about the editing and/or publishing support you require.

You can contact me at karen@finalproof.ca or call me at 250-339-3393