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Edit Policy

The elements checked by a proofing editor for a thesis or dissertation may include:

  • Typographical errors
  • End-of-line word divisions and bad breaks (incorrect line or page breaks)
  • Errors in spelling
  • Errors in word usage
  • Errors in grammar and syntax
  • Errors and inconsistencies in punctuation
  • Errors in arithmetic and other facts within the realm of general knowledge
  • Ambiguous vocabulary and syntax
  • Redundancies and verbosity
  • Jargon that is inappropriate for the intended audience
  • Inconsistencies in logic, facts, details, and query
  • Check URLS and DOIs to ensure all links are active
  • Format of document, text, citations, and references according to the appropriate style guide
  • Consistent style in headings and captions for tables, figures, and illustrations
  • Ensure tables, graphs, and other art, including their labels, captions, and text mentions, adhere to the requirements of your publication guide
  • Establish and maintain consistent patterns of mechanics (e.g., capitalization, acronyms, etc.)
  • Conventions such as the use of:
    – italics, boldface, and underlines,
    – metric or imperial measurements,
    – abbreviations and symbols,
    – the treatment of technical and trademarked terms,
    – the choice of spelling and punctuation styles,
    – use of connections and transitions, and
    – parallel presentation for elements in a seriated list
  • Statements that should be checked for accuracy and follow up as required. The flaws the editor watches for under this standard are not those involving the content of a thesis, but, rather, incidental references (e.g., a “billion” dollars becomes a “trillion,” “Montreal is east of Halifax,” “Ontario is the largest of the Great Lakes,” etc.)
  • Possible legal trouble spots (e.g., libel, plagiarism, missing reprint permissions) or departures from social acceptability (e.g., gender, ethnicity, age, or other bias; failure to give sources).

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